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iGenius is a learning centre that specializes in programmes to develop your child’s intellectual development. Our programmes are founded on research-based principles to promote the development of the whole brain, so that the child has, at his disposal, the strengths of both hemispheres of the brain.

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The class is conducted in an engaging way and that's the reason why he looks forward to coming to class every week. He has learned to apply new strategies to support his learning like making up stories to chain up ideas so he can remember better. Thanks iGenius!

Marian Ng - Mum of James Leong (Saturday, 5-6 Mega Class)

Livini has been with iGenius since March 2010. She has a fantastic memory and we find her attention span and concentration level increased. She's enjoying the class and that's the most important part, to enjoy learning!

Karin Chua - Mum of Livini Wong (Saturday, 3-4 Mega Class)