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About iGenius

iGenius believes each child has untapped potential and can learn to harness his brainpower to the fullest with proper training and nurturing in a conducive environment.


iGenius rides on the notion that each child has the natural ability to learn and has an enormous potential waiting to be tapped on. We believe that a child is able to reach that potential if he is placed in a nurturing environment where there are endless enriching brain-building experiences to build on his cognitive potential.


iGenius is a learning centre that specializes in programmes to develop your child’s intellectual development. Our programmes are founded on research-based principles to promote the development of the whole brain, so that the child has, at his disposal, the strengths of both hemispheres of the brain.


iGenius aims to be a leader in whole-brain education by providing the tools needed to develop the child's potential and talents to the fullest. We hope each child will grow to understand his true self and be inspired to always act with thoughtfulness and compassion.

"Our job is to teach the student we have. Not the ones we would like to have. Not the ones we used to have. Those we have right now. All of them." - Dr. Kevin Maxwell


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Key Features of our Approach

Intentional Learning

The educator in this approach supports and encourages, rather than interrupts play and assumes a non-controlling role. The sessions are carried out intentionally to cultivate certain skills or to enhance specific abilities within a child.

Whole Brain Learning

The curriculum is crafted with the intent to include opportunities for the rational left-brain and creative right-brain to exercise. By doing so, we aim to enhance the synergy between the hemispheres and encourage your child to tap on their whole brain more holistically and naturally.

Multiple Intelligences

iGenius believes that each child has multiple intelligences, and they can only be fully maximized when these intelligences are tapped on. The programmes are intentionally crafted to ensure that your child has opportunities to build on their various intelligences.

Children who have enrolled in the programmes will be better developed in their multiple intelligences and also be exposed to opportunities to discover their most optimum way to learn. Children who have graduated from our programmes are more confident and independent. They are able to problem-solve and find solutions more creatively, holistically and effectively. They are also better prepared for school and the life that is ahead of them.

Our Programmes Promote:

• Memory Skills and Enhanced Concentration

• Visual Observation and Listening Skills

• Logical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

• Reading and Numeracy Abilities

• Language and Speech Development

• Creativity and Imagination

• Music and Movement

• Fine Motor Skills

• Self-Confidence

• Good Social and Interpersonal skills

• Joy for learning

At iGenius learning would be more fun and require less effort! Your child has many years of education ahead of him – we help him discover the best way to learn!