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Stimulating and Enriching Early Development

“The playing adult steps sideward into another reality; the playing child advances forward to new stages of mastery.” - Erik Erikson


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In iGenius, we believe that the key to effective learning is intentional play and learning. While there are ample opportunities for parents today to allow their children to play freely, intentional learning is often lacking. At iGenius, while play is still important, the programmes are also tailored to specially consider the following aspects:




Multiple intelligences: such as verbal, visual, naturalist intrapersonal, rhythmic, logical, interpersonal, kinaesthetic and mathematical intelligences

Holistic development: the programmes are specially tailored to include activities that are aimed to explore the multiple intelligences within a session so that the child will develop more holistically.

Creative and Imaginary Development

While we know that parents are the most influential persons in a child’s life, our programmes are also aimed to empower parents with skills to guide their babies in establishing patterns for learning. The iGenius BabyGenius programmes are all parent-accompanied, with a small class ratio of 1 teacher: 6-8 students (and their parents) per class. The lessons are held weekly at an optimum duration of 50 minutes per session.

Our enrichment playgroups provide an excellent head start for a holistic development of the child. At the end of the full session, your child will develop:


- Recognition of Colours and Shapes

- Understanding of Numbers

- Language and Speech Development

- Observational and Listening Skills

- Fine Motor Skills

- Rhythm Awareness

- Sensory Awareness

- Creativity and Imagination

- Self-Confidence

- Social and Interpersonal skills

- Joy for Learning