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Consolidated Learning Skills to Support Academics

“If you are exposed to enough things, you'll develop a processor that can handle the flood of data that life throws at you later." - Martha Pierson, a neurobiologist at Baylor College of Medicine, believes that children need a flood of information or a feast of knowledge. She emphasizes that early education shapes the basic architecture of the brain.


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Preparing our children for school

Preparing our children for school is a challenging task, let alone for life ahead. As parents, we wish for our children to do well in school and in life, yet not every parent knows how to help our children to achieve that. It is believed that your child will experience a more positive educational school life if they are well prepared for learning.


While we all know the benefits of exposing our children early to academics* prior school, many do not know that providing them with essential learning skills will help them more effectively for school and life success. In conventional teaching methods, which have been proven to be less effective – a child learns through drilling, memorising and regurgitation of facts. However the tests that they are placed through their school depend very much on the linear, methodical left-brain, which builds memory through repetition and logical links.

Consolidated learning skills to support academics

At iGenius, we intentionally expose and guide our children to more effective learning methods. We do so by activating their less-utilised right brains. By doing so, their visual centres will be stimulated, which will in turn boost learning and assist them in remembering necessary information (required in school or life). Visual stimulation boosts learning by developing and sharpening the right brain's photographic memory, visualisation skill, intuition and creativity, creating a holistic approach to learning. At the same time, we also help your child improve his concentration and sense of creativity.


Children who attend the programme will have vast opportunities to tap on their potential and harness their brainpower to the fullness. Their interests to learn and learning abilities will be enhanced.

The iGenius Whole Brain Learning programme is only parent-accompanied for the 3-4 years old classes. The classes for 5-12 years old are non-parent-accompanied to encourage independent learning. The teacher student ratio is about 1 teacher: 6-8 students per class. The lessons are held weekly at an optimum time of 60-90 minutes per session (depending on the age group).

At the end of the full session, your child will develop


- Memory Skills and Concentration

- Analytical Skills, Observation Habits and Listening skills

- Logical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

- Reading and Numeracy Abilities

- Language and Speech Development

- Spatial Awareness

- Creativity and Imagination

- Rhythm Awareness

- Fine Motor Skills

- Self-Confidence

- Social and Interpersonal Skills

- Joy for Learning

*A study by Dr Kay Margetts, an associate professor in early childhood studies, examined the opinions of preps reveals that children rate prior knowledge of the alphabet and other basic academic skills as crucial in helping them adapt to school.


When a child is exposed early to literacy and numeracy, they would feel more comfortable when they start school.